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What separates a great leader from a mediocre one? It’s simple. A great leader sets the bar high and never rewards mediocrity. When it comes to leading others, it is not enough to simply give orders - rather, it is about inspiring and motivating those around you to do their best work and achieve greatness. Let’s explore why great leaders never reward mediocrity and how they use their power for good.

Leaders Set the Tone for Success
Great leaders know that by setting an example, they are setting the tone for success. They understand that when they ask people to be their best selves, they must lead by example. Great leaders rarely settle for mediocrity in themselves or in others. They strive for excellence and expect those around them to do the same. This kind of leadership encourages innovation, excellence, and growth within an organization.

Rewards Motivate People to Perform Better
Great leaders also understand that rewarding excellence helps motivate people to perform better. Rewarding mediocrity sends a message that it is okay to simply go through the motions instead of striving for greatness - something no successful business can afford in today’s world. Rewards come in all shapes and sizes - from verbal praise to financial bonuses - but regardless of the form it takes, rewarding exceptional work motivates employees and inspires them to aim higher next time around.

Leaders Should Never Settle For Less Than Their Best
At its core, great leadership is about inspiring others to be their best selves and never settling for less than your best effort at any given time. Great leaders understand that when they push people out of their comfort zones and provide a platform on which employees can learn, experiment, fail, and excel – this is when greatness happens. By never rewarding mediocrity or settling for anything less than excellence from themselves or those around them – great leaders create success stories every day!

When it comes down to it, great leadership requires setting an example at all times in order to inspire those around you towards greatness instead of mediocrity. A leader who refuses to reward mediocre performances will foster an environment where excellence flourishes – creating positive outcomes not only within an organization but within each individual as well! So if you want your team or organization to reach new heights - never reward mediocrity! Be a great leader today!

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