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Are you tired of people telling you that you can't have everything? That excellence is something that must be sacrificed in order to have a "normal" life? News flash: You don't have to choose.

You can have both. In fact, you MUST have both. Excellence isn't something that should be optional in your life - it should be non-negotiable. You should demand the best of yourself, and never settle for anything less.

How do you make excellence non-negotiable? It's simple - make it a habit. Habit is what gets us through the tough times, when we don't feel like putting in the effort or when we're tempted to give up. When excellence becomes a habit, it's no longer something that we have to think about - it's just something that we do.

So how do you make excellence a habit? Start by setting goals for yourself. Not just any goals, but high-bar goals. The kind of goals that make you stretch and challenge yourself. And then work tirelessly to achieve them. When you achieve your goals, set even higher ones. Repeat this process over and over again and excellence will become second nature to you.

Aim for excellence and let nothing stand in your way. Remember - it's non-negotiable!

Serve Hard. šŸ‘ŠšŸ»


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