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Shawn Medlin

We all have them. 


They can be about things we’ve said, things we’ve done, 

or things we haven’t said or done. 

They can be big or small. 

But they always linger, 

eating away at our peace of mind.

How do we deal with our regrets? 

The first step is acknowledging that they are there and that they cause us pain.

The second step is accepting that we cannot change the past. 

The third step is making a conscious decision to let go of the regret and focus on the present and the future. 

Finally, we need to forgive ourselves for our mistakes.

It isn’t easy to let go of our regrets, but it is possible. 

With time and patience, we can move on from the pain they cause us and focus on living our lives in the present and creating a brighter future.

Serve Hard. 👊🏻


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