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Achieving the life you want for yourself is not as simple as just wanting it. To pursue your desired life, you must first learn to detach yourself from self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. Understanding that your actions are not defined by your thoughts is a critical step in this process.

In order to separate yourself from these mental barriers, focus on understanding the difference between thought and action. When faced with a negative thought, recognise it and remind yourself that it does not define who you are or can become. Acknowledge the thought and then let it go without allowing it to control your decisions or behaviour.

Detaching one’s identity from their thoughts is an important step towards achieving whatever life we desire for ourselves since it gives us access to clearer paths forward which weren't available previously due to being bogged down by limiting one's own views about themselves and their potential success at every turn. We can't let such self-doubt keep us from pursuing our goals so do keep in mind that ultimately only your actions matter when deciding who you can become and where you will end up.

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