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Focusing on the process, rather than the end goal, is a powerful tool in achieving success. Those who dominate everything they do and are addicted to the process understand that mastering the journey is just as important as reaching the destination. 

The key to success lies in genuinely enjoying and appreciating the grind instead of fixating on the outcome. When you immerse yourself in and become obsessed with your progress, you take time to appreciate even small wins along the way. The journey should be something to savor rather than race through.

Process-driven people don’t expect immediate gratification from their activities; rather, they focus on laying a foundation for future growth and development by staying committed to their practice. They understand that patience and persistence are essential for building mastery over time. To stay motivated and inspired, they turn inward for validation of their progress instead of relying solely on external sources of approval or recognition.

To sum up, approaching tasks with an emphasis on process involves being fully present during every step of whatever endeavor you’re undertaking— from planning out goals all the way through implementation of those plans—and recognizing there is value found along each phase of your journey towards success. It requires patience and perseverance but ultimately leads to greater satisfaction and deeper purpose in both professional endeavors as well as personal development pursuits.

Serve Hard. 👊🏻

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